The Iranian National Committee of IHL in collaboration with CILA, IAUNS, SAMT and the Universities (Allameh Tabatab’i, Qom, Kharazmi, Shiraz and Bu-Ali Sina) holds:

Conference on
International Law and the Occupation of Palestine
7 March 2024
Deadline for Full Papers (in Persian and English): 21 February 2024
Topics of interest for submission include, but not limited to:
* The Right to resist in International Law; * The nexus between the right to resist and the right to self-determination in the Occupied Palestinian Territories; * The status and the obligations of the Resistance groups and the Liberation Movements in IHL; * The Resistance groups and the representation of the people under occupation; * UN, International Law of resistance and occupation; * The derivative responsibility of the State and Non-State entities for the violations of IHL in Gaza-Israel war; * The Possibility of establishing ad hoc tribunal for the prosecution of serious violations of IHL in Gaza-Israel war; * The obligations of the neutral States in case of serious violations of Jus Cogens norms in Gaza; * Self defence and the maintenance of the public order in occupied territories; similarities and differences; * The challenges of the ICC to investigate the committed crimes in the Occupied Palestinian Territories; * The Article 90 of Protocol I’s fact finding commission and war crimes in the Occupied Palestinian Territories; * European Union’s approach to exported goods of occupied territories; * Prolonged occupation of Palestine: the necessity for rethinking on article 6 (3) of GC IV; * Evolution and the challenges of International Law of occupation in the light of Palestine situation; * The explanation of the relationship between Hamas and the State of Palestine in view of the international responsibility of States; * International obligations of occupying power in occupied territories; * The obligations of the international community in relation to the rights of inhabitants of occupied territories and the violations of IHRL and IHL; * International obligations of groups and third states in relation to the violations of IHRL and IHL; * The explanation of the legal situation of inhabitants of settlements in occupied territories; * International criminal responsibility for serious and grave violations of IHRL and IHL; * Judicial and quasi-judicial bodies and the situation of Palestine; * The obligations and the responsibility of multinational corporations in situation of occupation; * Humanitarian aid: the obligations of the parties to the conflict and international organizations; * The crime of genocide against Palestinian people 
Papers will be published in “International Law Review (ILR)” (https://www.cilamag.ir/). Papers should be sent to: inc_hl@rcs.ir