Iranian Association for United Nations Studies at a Glance

The United Nations founded in 1945 with primary goal is to "maintain international peace and security". Nowadays, the United Nations system's activities almost have been included all fields of human life. The United Nations reflects the people's interests and requests of the world to escape the war and achieve to peace.

Today, the United Nations organization more than the other international organs is expected to fulfill the people of the world desires, the extensive level of United Nations organizations activities is also supposed.

At the present time, probably the extensive and level of the United Nations organization activities has not been considered in thoughts of the founders. Because while during the existence of United Nations organization adheres to its Charter, but in practice the United Nations organization has created frequently new organs for the types of required activities. Currently, in parallel with the development of the United Nations activities, an enormous loading of information resulting from the efforts of thousand experts in various fields have emerged, hundreds of organizations have arisen in the fields of UN activities around the world which have belief to the United Nations Charter in order to identification, advocating, education and research on issues related to the organization to continually work.

Iranian Association for United Nations Studies funded in year 2008 with cooperation of the group of most eminent professors of international law and international organizations in Iran and with obtaining the official authority from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and after registration in the Registrar of Companies under No. 13336 on October 2001, has been started its activities from dated 21 January 2002.  

Part One: Generalities and Purposes

Article 1)

In order to developing, advancing, and scientifically promoting and quality upgrading the expertise human resources and also improving the related fields of training and research, Iranian association for United Nations Studies will be established hereinafter referred to as "association".



Article 2)

The Association is a nonprofit organization which acts in fields of science and research and has a legal personality from the date of registration. The Chair of the Board is the legal representative in the Association.

Article 3)

The Headquarter of the Association is situated in Tehran which address is Unit. 201, 2nd floor, No. 76, the building of Allameh Tabataba'i University, Northern of Shahid Azodi St. (North of Aban St.) Karim Khan Ave. and the telefax: 021-81032201.  The scientific branch of the Association may approve the Association's branches in every region of the country.


Essentially relocation of the HQ of the Association shall be subject to the resolution passed by the Board of Directors, provided that the subject publish in the official newspaper and announce in a widely circulated newspapers and inform the Commission of scientific Association of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in written communication.

Article 4)

For an unlimited period, the Association as of the date of ratification this statute is obligated to obey the regulations of Islamic Republic of Iran.


Part Two: Functions

Article 5)

In order to above mentioned purposes in Article 1, the Association will perform the following actions:

5-1: to render the scientific and cultural researches in level of International and National with cooperation of researchers and specialists who are involved in the United Nations System Studies.    

5-2: cooperation with the administrative, scientific organizations in field of assessing and reviewing the plans and related programs to the training and research affairs in fields of scientific cases subjected to the Association activities.     

5-3: Persuading and encouraging the scholars and admiring the researchers and eminent professors

5-4: Providing the training and research services

5-5: Holding the scientific conferences in level of National, Regional and international

5-6: Publishing the scientific journals and books.  

Part Three: Types and Conditions

Article 6)

Legal and natural persons will be the member of "Association" by the Board's confirmation as follows:

6-1:  Permanent Membership

The founders of Association and all the people who have at least the master's degree and experienced in related fields of study and research activities for the United Nations system can become the permanent member in Association.

6-2:  Associate Membership

The persons who have the B.A. and involving in one of the above mentioned majors in note 6-1 can become the associate member of Association.    

6-3: Student Membership

The students who are studying in field of related United Nations system can become the member of Association.

6-4: Honor Membership

Iranian and Foreign persons who have the specified scientific position in field of United Nations system or effective and valuable assistance in progressive of the Association's goals can become the Honorary Member in Association.

6-5: Legal Persons

The organizations which have activities in field of science and research can become the member of Association.

Note1: Identification of related majors to the Association's activities is on the Board of Directors

Note2: The persons who have the B.A. and involving in one of the above mentioned majors in note 6-1 can become the associate member of Association after the Board's approval.

Note3: Legal persons can become the dependent member of the Association.   

 Article 7)

The members of above mentioned groups in article 6 should pay the amount of money as determined by the General Assembly for the dues annually. 

Note 1: The procedure for paying the dues is specified in executive By-Law.

Note 2: The dues payment will be determined in Executive Bylaw.

Note 3: Honorary Members of the Association are exempt from paying the dues.

Article 8) Membership Termination Procedure:

8-1: Written resignation

8-2:Non-payment of the dues

8-3: Non-compliance with regulations and discipline of the Association.

Note 1: Terminated the membership at the end of the Board's confirmation.


Part Four: Association Organs

Article 9) the main organs of Association include:

  1. General Assembly, B) the Board of Directors, C) Inspector

A) General Assembly

Article 10)

General Assembly meeting will be hold with permanent members in form of ordinary or extraordinary general meeting.  The other members can attend to the general meeting without right to vote.

The General Assembly will be hold as is follows:

10-1: Ordinary general assembly held once a year, and will be formal with the presence or written authority representative from the two-thirds of the Association's permanent members and its decisions by the majority of half plus one of all permanent members is valid.

10-2: If the first invitation of General Assembly not recognized, the second session will be formed with at least twenty days later and will be formalized with any permanent members of Association present at the meeting.

Its decisions by the majority of half plus one of votes which is represented as originally given, is valid.

10-4: In case of necessities the General Assembly will hold by invitation of the Board or the Inspectors and with presence or written authority representative from the two-thirds of the Association's permanent members.  And its decisions by the majority of half plus one of all permanent members is valid.

Note 1: the invitation for holding the General Assembly in form of written or announcement in widely-circulated newspapers and should be informed the permanent members at least 15 days before the meeting.

Note 2: One third of permanent members can be directly acted to invite for holding the extraordinary meeting, provided that the Board of Directors and also the inspectors of the Association ignored their request.  In such a case, the inviters will be added clearly the failure to comply the request before the Board and inspectors in the invitation announcement.

Note 3: In case of fulfilling the above note, the public agenda shall be exclusively focused on the subject that has propounded in the application and the Assembly Board of Directors will be elected among the members.

Article 11) the duties of general and extraordinary assembly:

11-1: electing the Board members and inspector

11-2: approving the Board Policy.

11-3: reviewing and approving the Board and inspectors proposals.

11-4: determining the amount of the dues and approving the balance sheet and the Association budget.

11-5: approving the changes in articles of the Association

11-6: approving the executive By-law and its changes

11-7: reviewing and approving the balance sheet and the former financial year which is included the incomes statement and the costs and also the budget of Association for the coming year.

11-8: deposing the Board and inspector

11-9: approving the dissolution of the Association

Note 1: the Board of General Assemblies consists of a Chair, a Secretary and two Observers.

Note 2: the Board members of the General Assembly are elected in assembly by announcing and accepting their nomination.

Note 3: the Board members should not be elected among the persons who are voluntary nominated in the Board of Directors or as the inspector.

Note 4: the extraordinary general assembly will be held in order to making decision about clauses 11-5, 11-8, 11-9.


  1. The Board of Directors

Article 12) the Association Board of Directors including 5 persons as the main members and two persons as the Substitute members which are elected once every three years by secret ballot among the members of the Association.

12-1: The Board activities period may extend 3-years and none of the Board members should not elect for more than two consecutive terms which is prohibited.

12-2: Membership in the Board of Directors is an honorary.

12-3: The Board of Directors committee will be held maximum fifteen days after being elected and by written vote with respect to the division of their duties. 

12-4: All the binding documents and securities signed by the Chair of the Board and the Secretary General with Seal Forum are valid.

12-4: The Board of Directors should convene the meeting once every month as needed. The interval between sending the invitations or phone with the date The Board of Directors meeting should be at least three days.

12-5: The Board of Directors meetings will be formal by presence of majority of members and the decisions taken by a majority agreed vote of the board members is valid.

12-7:  All the Board of Directors approvals will be registered and preserve after signing by the members meeting minutes of the Board meetings.

12-8: Attending of the Board's members in the meetings is essential and absenting each of the members without valid reason at the discretion of the Board of Directors has the force of three consecutive meetings or five meetings alternately in the resignation of the absent member.

12-9: In case of resignation, deposal or death of any members of the Board of Directors, the alternate member for the remaining term of the enrollment period is determined to succession.

12-10: the inspector's presence without right to vote is congeable in the Board of Directors meetings.

12-11: the Board of Directors should call of the General Assembly and act to elect the new Board of Directors and send the consequences with annex of public meeting minutes for reviewing by Commission of Scientific Societies within four months after the end of its tenure.    

Note: The former Board of Directors until approval of the new Board of Directors form the Commission of Scientific Societies for the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology will be responsible for the Association's affairs.

Article 13: The Board of Directors is the legal representative and its duties and powers are as follows:

13-1: Administrating the current affairs according to the Statute and issues of the Association

13-2: Establishing the scientific groups of Association, assigning the tasks and monitoring their activities.  

13-3: Right to do any action or transferring the immovable properties and upturn or hypothecate and foreclose a mortgage and borrowings which the Board deems necessary except on the definitive transfer of immovable properties that is required to accept by the General Assembly.

13-4: Right to have any necessity powers to administrating affairs, subject to compliance of provisions of Articles of Association except on the subjects which is pursuant to the Articles of Association should making a decision and actions should regard to the specific competence of the general meetings. 

Having all the the powers necessary for the administration, subject to compliance of subject to the provisions of Articles of Association and other topics that decisions and actions regarding the specific competence of the public.

13-5: Preparing the annual report and financial balance sheet based on the Association's revenues and expenditures in order to ratification in public assembly and providing to the supervisory authorities on time.

13-6: to bring action and advocating to claims of the legal or natural persons before all authorities due proceeding with right of appointing the lawyer and delegate power of attorney.


13-7: Electing and introducing the Association's representatives to participate in national and international scientific community.

13-8: performing the scientific programs and plans in framework of the Association's duties. 

13-9: Attracting the gifts and donation.

13-10: Granting the scholarships and educational research.

13-11: Making decisions about the Association's membership in domestic and foreign scientific community should be under the current rules and regulations of Islamic Republic of Iran.

13-12: Sending the essential reports to the Commission of Scientific Societies for the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

13-13: Performing any mission which the General Assembly gives responsibility to do.

  1. Inspector

Article 14) the ordinary general assembly should elect one person as the main inspector and one person as a reserve for a period of three years.

Note: Re-electing the inspector for two consecutive terms, is permitted.

Article 15) duties of inspectors are as follows:

15-1: Reviewing the Association documents and financial records and preparing the report to the General Assembly.

15-2: Reviewing the Board of Directors annual report and preparing the report of Association performance in order to inform the General Assembly.  

15-3: Reporting any violations of the provisions by the Board of Directors.

Note: In order to reviewing the Association's documentation including financial and non-financial statements, the Board of Directors should authorize the inspector unconditionally to access it at any time. 


Part Five: Scientific Association Groups

Article 16) the association can form the below groups and committees according to duties which is set for them by the Board of Directors.

1) Specialized Groups

2) Training and Research Committee

3) Publications Committee

4) Statistics and Information Committee

5) Compliance and Public Relations Committee

6) Scientific Meetings Committee

16-1: the Association is responsible for preparation and ratification the By-Law of establishing the groups and committees.


Part Six: Budget and Miscellaneous affairs

Article 17) the Association's fund resources are as follows:

17-1: Dues

17-2: Revenues from providing the educational, research and consulting services.

17-3: Gifts and donations received.

17-4: All the Association's revenues and incomes will be spent on the objects which is included in article 5 of the Statute. 

18: the Revenues and expenses of the Association will be recorded in the legal notes, and its description should send to Commission of Scientific Societies for the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology annually after the approval of the General Assembly.

19: All the Association's funds will be held in the special account with the local banks in the name of the Association.  

20: None of the institutions and capital owners has not right to withdraw or allocating any interest including dividends or capital and themselves and their first relatives cannot attempt to deal with the Association.

21: The entire Jurisdiction cases of financial and non-financial documentaries relating to the activities of the Association held at head office and in refer cases of the supervisory authorities or other competent authorities should be available.

22: Any change in the terms of the Statute is accredited whenever the Commission of Scientific Societies for the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology approved it.

23: the Association has Islamic Republic of Iran nationality and its members with the name of the Association have not right to have political activities or affiliation to groups or political parties.

24: In case of approval dissolution of the Association, the same assembly will elect the boards of settlement to pay the debts and debts collections of the Association. After collecting and paying the debts by the same board of settlement it should alienate all the moveable and immovable properties of the Association to   Commission of Scientific Societies for the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

25: Implementation details of this Statute will be determined in the regulations on approved by General Assembly.

26: these Article of Association, which was drawn up in 6 chapters, 26 articles, 58 sub-articles and 17 notes where approved by the general meetings of founders on 22 November 1997.