Since 1965, International Law Commission (ILC) has been obliged by the resolution 92/67 to hold an annually Summit of International Law concurrence with ILC session in its European headquarter, Geneva. Typically, each year 24 participants are selected from young professors of international law, governmental authorities who follow the academic activities in this filed or diplomats.

Dr. Sattar Azizi, member of the Iranian Association for United Nations Studies' Board of Directors and associate professor at University of Buali Sina (Hamedan), selected from Asia to attend the 2014 session, the 50th anniversary of the ILC, holding in July 7-25 in ILC headquarter.

In 2014, for its 50th anniversary, the president of the International Court of Justice (The Hague) also attended the commission's session. The old participants of the previous sessions, who had become members of ILC or ICJ later, were also invited to the session. Thus, this session was significantly momentous to the participants.

To be chosen as a participant, each applicant must submit his/her academic/research resume, including related issues to the commission's agenda along with at least two recommendation letters from prominent professors of International Law, preferably members of ILC or ICJ, to the headquarter of the commission. A committee composed of six authorities of the UN and outstanding scholars of International Law choose only 24 persons out of hundreds of eligible applicants from all over the World. (It should be mentioned that such selection carryout based on the geographical quota, i.e. six persons elected from each continent. Oceania enumerated with Europe and this year the quota of Europe and Oceania has exceptionally considered seven persons due to the 50th anniversary and the importance of the anniversary ceremony.)

It is important to note that Dr. Djamchid Momtaz (the member and former president of ILC) and Dr. Mohammad Reza Ziaei Bigdeli (the member of the Iranian Association for United Nations Studies) and Mr. Shawkat Al-Khasawneh (Jordanian judge and vice-president of the ICJ) were individuals who wrote recommendation letters for Dr. Azizi.