Call for Papers for the Annual Conference of the Iranian Association for UN Studies (IAUNS) on Sanctions and International Law


While one can find the background of sanctions against countries in a period before the establishment of the United Nations (UN), Chapter VII of the UN Charter provides the resort to measures not involving the use of armed force as a means of maintaining international peace and security which is a characteristic of UN collective security system.

The objective of Article 41 of the UN Charter in employing the measures not involving the use of armed force is to impose pressure on the State that has violated the international peace and security and to change its behavior, to weaken its military, political and economic force and to restrict its international relations and to bring it to isolation. Until the end of the Cold War, the United Nations, that has been established for 75 years now, has only used sanctions against South Rhodesia in 1966 and South Africa in 1977. However, since 1990s, the Security Council has resorted to such measures against the States by issuing different Resolutions again and again. Regional Organizations have also welcomed this initiative of the UN. It is also noteworthy that unilateral sanctions has been mainly used by the USA as a tool for the foreign policy of this country.

Recognition of the status of the sanctions, their usage and their impacts have been observed from different perspectives through scientific studies, organization of conferences and publishing of reports; however, considering the continuous use of sanctions and the evolving international conditions, this area still requires scientific attention.

Iran has, in particular, not only been subject to the unilateral sanctions of the USA and the EU, but also has been subject to Security Council’s Resolutions on nuclear issues. In this regard, IAUNS is pleased to announce that, in line with accomplishing its objectives as reflected in its statute, its annual conference will be held on this important subject.

Main areas of the Conference:

  1. Multilateral international sanctions;

Background and basis for the international sanctions;

League of nations and embargo

United Nations and Sanctions

Provisions of Chapter VII of the UN Charter in theory and practice

UN mechanisms in implementing sanctions

The Role of sanctions in accomplishment of the Objectives of the UN Charter

The impacts of sanction from the perspective of IHL and IHRL

Examples of the implementation of sanctions imposed by the Security Council

Smart sanctions


  1. Unilateral Sanctions

International Law and legality of unilateral sanctions

Unilateral sanctions and their economic, human rights related, and terrorism-related negative impacts

Commitment of States in working against the negative impacts of sanctions.

The organizers of this Conference hereby invites the researchers and scholars to submit an article on one of the above-mentioned areas and to contribute to the richness of this Conference by referring to concrete examples, concepts and behaviours. The articles should enjoy high quality (as the conference will have the scientific permission by registering in the database of the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC))

Considering the recent published English journals of IAUNS entitled Iranian Review of UN  Studies, the best articles which are related to subjects related to Iran will be published in the journal.

Conference Calendar:

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 22 October 2019

Announcing the selected candidate: 06 November 2019

Deadline for submitting the whole article: 5 January 2020

Conference date: end February 2020


In accordance with its former practice, the IAUNS will publish all the approved articles.


Principles of drafting the article for IAUNS Annual Conference:

All professors, scholars and researchers are requested to submit their artiucles in the following format:

  • The article should include new content in the above-mentioned areas and should not be published/presented in whole or in part in any other journal/event
  • The responsibility for the content of the article and the relevant intellectual property rights is with the authors.
  • The font of the article should be Times New Romans 12 or Calibri 12. The abstract should not exceed 200 words, including the key words. The whole article should be between 15 to 20 pages.
  • The scientific board of the conference is entitles to edit the articles.
  • The references should be made in foot notes and as follows:

Books: Name & Surname of author, title of the book, volume/edition, place, year, page/s

Article: Name & Surname of author, title of the article, name of journal, details of journal (year, number, etc), page/s


Please send the abstracts of your articles to the following e-mail address: iauns.ir.2011@gmail.com and make sure of the receipt of the abstract by contacting the following numbers: 9821-81032201 or 989128128478