Iranian Association for UN Studies was established by suggestion and attempts of Dr. Nasrin Mosaffa in cooperation with some of the most outstanding academics of law, international relations and international organizations in 1999. This association has started its official activities in 2001 with the permit of the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. The association is a non-profit institute aiming to expand and promote the knowledge, improve the specialists and develop the research and educational matters regarding the activities of United Nations.

In order to meet its objectives, the Iranian Association for UN Studies implements the cultural and educational research both in national and international level in cooperation with researchers and experts of the UN studies. It also cooperates with executive, academic and research institutions to evaluate and revise the educational plans and programmes relating to the theoretical concerns of the association. The association also attempt to encourage researchers, celebrate eminent scholars and professors, provide educational and research services, organize scholastic meetings in national, regional and international level, and publish relative books and journals.

According to the decisions of the Association’s general assembly, the board is responsible to achieve the objectives of the association and implement its activities. The Board undertake its obligations through collaboration with student committee and other volunteer members within the framework of the following working groups;

  1. Specialized groups
  2. Education and research committee
  3. Publication committee
  4. Statistics and information committee
  5. Public relation and admission committee
  6. Educational meetings committee


Founders and board of directors of the association

Current board of directors (Fourth round since 2013)

President: Dr. Nasrin Mosaffa

Secretary-General: Dr. Sayyed Ghasem Zamani

Dr. Sattar Azizi

Dr. Mohsen Abdollahi

Dr. Hassan Shahsavari

Alternate member: Dr. Aramesh Shahbazi

Alternate member: Dr. Hossein Sharifi Tarazkouhi

Inspector: Dr. Mohammad Reza Ziaie Bigdeli

Inspector:  Dr. Mehdi Zahedi


Board of directors (Third round 2010-2013)

President: Dr. Djamchid Momtaz

Secretary-General: Dr. Faride Shaygan

Treasurer: Dr. Mohammad Reza Ziaie Bigdeli

Dr. Sattar Azizi

Dr. Ebrahim Beyg Zadeh

Alternate member: Dr. Sayyed Ghasem Zamani

Alternate member: Dr. Bahram Mostaghimi

Inspector: Dr. Nasrin Mosaffa

Inspector: Dr. Mohammad Shamsaie


Board of directors (Second round 2005-2010)

President: Dr. Djamchid Momtaz

Secretary-General: Dr. Nasrin Mosaffa

Treasurer: Dr Mohammad Reza Ziaie Bigdeli

Dr. Ardeshir Amir Arjomand (2006-2009)

Dr. Ebrahim beyg zadeh

Alternate member: Dr. Davood Hermidas Bavand

Alternate member: Ms. Fereydooni

Inspector: Dr. Bahram Mostaghimi

Alternate inspector: Dr. Abdolrahman Aalem


Board of directors (First round 2001-2005)

President: Dr. Djamchid Momtaz

Secretary-General: Dr. Nasrin Mosaffa

Treasurer: Dr. Mohammad Reza Ziaie Bigdeli

Dr. Davood Hermidas Bavand

Dr. Faride Shaygan

Alternate member: Dr. Sayyed Jamal Seyfi

Alternate member: Dr. Abdolali Ghavam

Inspector: Dr. Khojaste Aarefnia

Alternate inspector: Dr. Bahram Mostaghimi


Founders of the Association

Dr. Ardeshir Amir Arjomand

Dr .Davood Hermidas Bavand

Dr. Sayyed Jamal Seyfi

Dr. Faride Shaygan

Dr.. Masood Taromsari

Dr. Mohsen abdollahi

Dr. Adol Rahman Aalem

Dr. Hedayatollah Falsafi

Dr. Abdolali Ghavam

Dr. Bahram Mostaghimi Ghomi

Dr. Nasrin Mosaffa

Dr. Djamchid Momtaz

Dr. Hooshang Moghtader was one of the first persons who accepted the membership of the founding board of the association, however he died in March 2000 and association was deprived of his presence.