The Iranian association of the UN Studies in collaboration with the United Nations information centers held a course on “Studies on the UN system: Introduction to the specialized institutions and secondary bodies of the social and cultural fields” on Tuesday 25th, Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th of February 2015.

This course was specifically about the UN specialized institutes and secondary bodies of the social and cultural fields, however, few other lectures were held in order to introduce the objectives, structure and strategies of the institutions such as UN Office on Drugs and Crime (Mr. Sefatollah Taheri Shemirani), United Nations Development Program (Dr. Ali Farzin), UN High Commissariat For Refugees (Dr. Fatemeh Keyhanlou), UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization ( Dr. Majid Vahid), United Nations Humanitarian Affairs (Mr. Hamid Nazari), World Intellectual Property Organization ( Dr. Ebrahim Moieni), Human Rights Council (Dr. Hossein Sharifi Tarazkouhi), United Nations Environment Plan (Dr. Aramesh Shahbazi), and The International Labor Organization (Dr. Azadeh Sadat Taheri).

It is important to note that all designated instructors either had the experience of cooperation with the mentioned specialized institution and secondary body of UN or conducted some research about these entities.

At the end of the course, Dr. Nasrin Mosaffa (the president of the association) summarized the discussions of all three days and responded the participants’ suggestions and criticisms. She admitted that the posed statements would be used to enhance and improve the following programs of the association. She also announced that in near future other meetings and courses regarding this filed and other related fields of the UN, such as economic issues, would be held by the association.